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My name is Troy Smith and I am here to help you achieve your dream home today.

More than just a real estate agent, I will guide you through the whole process, from beginning to end and put you in the picture every step of the way. Buying or selling your second home is a big deal. I specialize in vacation and retirement homes in the tropical climates. My main areas of expertise are in Costa Rica and Fort Lauderdale.

When a lot of people come to me for the first time, they’re often not even sure if they are doing the right thing by buying a house.

This is a very important decision and one that we should talk through together. I will not hassle you about your decision either way and many times we will end up concluding that perhaps it is better to rent for a little while longer.

It is more important for me to see the client achieve the outcome that is right for them. Not me, nor the seller of the house.

I’ll let you into a little secret, I did not buy my own house until the age of thirty-four, despite working as a real estate agent for seven years previously. This is because at the time, it was not right for my circumstances and I wanted to make sure that everything was right before I took the plunge.

You are entering into a very long term commitment and it needs careful consideration first. I always tell my clients to go with their gut instinct, because if something doesn’t feel quite right, then the chances are, that it isn’t right.

I have been helping people buy – and sell – their homes for the best part of the last twenty years and are a registered realtor. This means I am bound by a code of ethics and standards of practice, so when I take you on, you already know that you can trust me.

Give me a call today and we can talk through your best options together – with no pressure!

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